Our Goals
Safety is our basic corporate value because we care deeply about our customers and fellow employees.

Our Commitments
To maintain a reputable position within the airline industry through a continued investment effort in safety training, safety systems and technology, as well as aviation security;
To support all efficient for managing and communicating safety, security and regulation compliance;
To ensure regular safety internal audits are conducted;
To ensure every employee participates in the safety internal audit process, including but not limited to third parties, suppliers and ground handling agents;

Our Roles and Responsibility
All manager, irrespective of level, must ensure employees receive sufficient knowledge and skills to perform their safety duties in accordance with standards.
Every employee is personally responsible for performance of their duties, with the primary concern being the safety of our customers, their own safety, the safety of their own fellow employees, and the property and equipment entrusted to their care.

Our Rules
We ensure the company will not initiate disciplinary action against any employee for reporting a safety hazard or concern to any management level.
Failure by any employee to comply with by part of this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action.
Through the dedication of all, we will uphold our safety at all times

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